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Stubborn & Determined


When I said I wanted to do a half ironman in 2015 some people thought I was crazy and that I was taking on too much, cue a few annoying traits Stubborn and Determined. 🙂

I am someone that likes to prove others expectations of me wrong, which can work in both a positive and negative way. With triathlons this has resulted in me always pushing the bar higher for my next challenge and I may well have set my limit this year with Weymouth Ironman.

With me being stubborn I have turned down the opportunities to transfer my event or downsize it, as people have suggested these options out of concern. Personally I can’t do that as I see it as a failure on my part, I know that friends and family will say it is not failure and I can achieve it at a later date but its not an option in my mind. This is where my determination kicks in, I will push and train myself as much as I can to get through the event. I am not being stupid as I have been previously with shorter distance events through overtraining and this leading to injury. I have learnt when my body is tired and says no to ease back or take time out to rest and recover.

People have called me crazy, stupid and told me they couldn’t do this. I accept the first two comments quite easily as I have been called them numerous times and now it doesn’t affect me in the ways it used to. Don’t get me wrong I do take comments to heart but I have learnt to not let everything upset or hurt me in ways it used to. With the second comment of people saying they couldn’t do this I don’t agree (cue stubbornness) 🙂 I have come to learn through triathlon events and the training that it is an amazing sport and a supportive community. I love doing the events (not always after) but have learnt in the last few years that people seeing me doing the events has shown and motivated them to take part. I have and always will be a curvy girl and accept that. Through looking at lifestyle and training I have seen myself change and try to use this to help others that have approached me and expressed interest in starting triathlons. This all came together earlier this year when our developing club took part in its first triathlon !

I think what really drives me to do these events and pursue other opportunities within the sport is the ability to motivate others and because I am determined to prove I can do this. I do have dreams within the sport and know people will pass judgement but I will deal with that and share them next time.

Happy training x

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