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Yesterday I took part in my first 10k run and after being apprehensive about the whole idea I loved it, and am already looking at building to a half marathon next year.

Running is a word that as soon as you mention it you get two types of responses. Either the person is not too fussed about running or fear and nerves. I have always been the latter person; I am not fast and in my head look like a wobbling mess of jelly 🙂 . Over time and through my love of sport and exercise I have just got on with it. People, who know me, know I enjoy triathlons and I can’t get to the running stage and just stop because I don’t like running as I would look silly, so you just deal with it and get on with it.

The best thing about running is that it is a sport that is accessible to everyone and it does not matter how big you are or how unfit you are you can take part. I’m not suggesting that someone with high blood pressure and a knee replacement go and run a marathon you start off gently and build up your fitness to get to jogging. I started off with 2.5km in triathlons and have now progressed to a 10km in my Olympic distance I did in the summer.

It is an exercise that is free to do, there is no gym membership needed just a pair of trainers and a safe route to run. Once you get hooked to it and trust me you will, you can then start to invest in your shoes and running equipment. The first run you go out on will feel like hard work, you will sweat, be out of breath and probably think why did I even contemplate this? However once you have completed the route you will have a feeling of accomplishment and realise how great you feel.

I would suggest if you are not a regular runner that you ease yourself into running gently. Start with a short route and go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Try to remember to have a drink with you and also a phone if you are running alone. Once you have done the route a few times slowly start increasing the distance to challenge yourself. After each run take time to stretch off and rehydrate to prevent any injuries and dehydration.

Once you feel ready enter a local event and set yourself a goal time, then start practicing to get a pb.

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