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Journal, take note

You might read the title and think what the hell and roll your eyes, but take five minutes to have a read…

Many of you will have seen on my Instagram @tldfitness at the beginning of the year I shared my new diary. I got it because it had space to set my goals for the year and break them down into monthly goals and I love it ! What I didn’t plan was to write each day a couple sentences to summarise the day and log my training, but I have and it’s strangely helped me.

I am a person who focuses more on my faults than my successes but by writing down and recording the successes it helps you to create a more positive mindset and outlook. These have been small wins such as finishing work and getting a good training session in to having a really important meeting go well at work. I don’t record them to gloat I record them to look back on and realise that I am a strong female. Don’t think for a second that it’s all positive comments, trust me I record the bad days as well. From shitty comments from customers to frustration with myself for not finishing a workout it all gets noted.

I am not one of those that religiously fills it in everyday, I don’t always have time but I make sure that I don’t go more than 3 days otherwise I will forget what has happened.

You may still think I am a bit weird or odd but we all have our own systems and processes that help us. All I would say is don’t knock it til you have tried. Either use that diary you bought earlier in the year but haven’t filled out or make notes on your phone. Let me know how you get on. Sarah x

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