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9th February 2022
by TLDFitness

Journal, take note

You might read the title and think what the hell and roll your eyes, but take five minutes to have a read…

Many of you will have seen on my Instagram @tldfitness at the beginning of the year I shared my new diary. I got it because it had space to set my goals for the year and break them down into monthly goals and I love it ! What I didn’t plan was to write each day a couple sentences to summarise the day and log my training, but I have and it’s strangely helped me.

I am a person who focuses more on my faults than my successes but by writing down and recording the successes it helps you to create a more positive mindset and outlook. These have been small wins such as finishing work and getting a good training session in to having a really important meeting go well at work. I don’t record them to gloat I record them to look back on and realise that I am a strong female. Don’t think for a second that it’s all positive comments, trust me I record the bad days as well. From shitty comments from customers to frustration with myself for not finishing a workout it all gets noted.

I am not one of those that religiously fills it in everyday, I don’t always have time but I make sure that I don’t go more than 3 days otherwise I will forget what has happened.

You may still think I am a bit weird or odd but we all have our own systems and processes that help us. All I would say is don’t knock it til you have tried. Either use that diary you bought earlier in the year but haven’t filled out or make notes on your phone. Let me know how you get on. Sarah x

24th January 2022
by TLDFitness

2022 what’s happened ?

A month ago I had set myself goals and was smashing my training and now I’m just trying to keep it together.

I’m not one for this new year new me crap but it just happened without me realising. We had a great break from work which I seriously needed and had planned that it wouldn’t take over as I was expecting a new member of staff to be joining. Well first week back and we found out they withdrew from the offer so that was back to square one. My hopes of our 6 day weeks coming to an end soon now disappeared and it was a case of rally the team, be honest and hope for the best.

Training was still happening but as we got back into the routine of work I let that slip and I have struggled both mentally and physically. Don’t get me wrong I still exercise more than your average person but for me I am not hitting the hours I should be. It all came to a head last week when I just couldn’t, I was tired I was emotional from dealing with complaints and I just wanted to hide so I did. I curled up in bed for a few hours on my day off had pizza for dinner and didn’t train. Did it feel good at the time? Yes ! Did I regret taking the time off and missing my sessions? Slightly 樂 Will I do it again? I can guarantee it!

It’s not the start to 2022 I had envisioned but so what. I know it’s going to be a tough few months but all I can do is break it down into short term goals. Next month I have a mastermind event to attend and meet new people and I WILL be having some leave from work that I can guarantee.

18th December 2021
by TLDFitness

Plan as you mean to go on

It’s coming to the end of the year and that means switching off for a lot of people and relaxing, something we all are in need of. 

This is the time to sit down reflect, review and re-evaluate our goals that we had set for 2021 and to plan what we want to achieve next year. There is no point getting to the 1st January 2022 and thinking “hmmmm what are my goals for this year ?” In order to be successful we need to be prepared and ready to hit the ground running. 

“Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

Get some comfy clothes on. Get a notebook, colouring pens or iPad whatever you want to take notes.  Find yourself a space to sit down and shut off from the world, its time to get planning and goal setting !

I normally start by splitting my page into personal, professional and health sections as these are the key areas I want to make improvements in. Then I go through and make notes for each area of what I would like to achieve. Some areas will have more goals than others but I try not to have more than a maximum of 3 per section. This may seem a lot but the majority of the time these all interlink with each other and once you review them the list reduces. 

Once you have got your goals all set make sure you have them recorded and display them somewhere you can keep a track. I have got a training board from these are more triathlon and run specific but are great for tracking your training goals. There are so many ways you can keep track, whether it be a whiteboard or notes on your phone, the key thing is it needs to be visual so you are reminded daily. 

The next step which I enjoy is setting myself incentives for when I achieve these goals and mini goals along the way, that is what keeps you motivated ! Who can honestly say they don’t enjoy being rewarded when they do something right. Be realistic though with your rewards and don’t have a gold star kind of reward for a bronze level goal. My first half stone goal incentive was a gift voucher, there were no rewards along the way to get to that first goal. Once I hit that target it was that much more rewarding as I knew how hard I had worked to get their. I keep a list on my phone of what my targets are to remind me when I loose focus and need reminding. 

Let me know how you have got on this last year with your personal goals and what you have planned for 2022. 

15th December 2021
by TLDFitness

My passion, my sport … Triathlon

I love triathlon, I live and breathe the sport. I may not look like a triathlete but we come in many forms. I am that person who tunes in to watch the races like a football fan watches their favourite team play at the weekend.

I got into triathlon over seven years ago from watching the Brownlee brothers compete Blenheim Triathlon and thinking that looks like fun so booked it for the next year. I thought I’m a pretty good swimmer and all I have to do is bike and run after that and it sounds pretty cool.

Fast forward a few years and I am still learning so much about the sport and navigating the development in technology and equipment. You can end up getting lost in the world of the latest gadgets and what you actually need.

I am going to share over the next few weeks learning materials and equipment that I have invested in and how I have benefited from them. Comment below if you have any questions or topics you want me to cover or products to review.

11th December 2021
by TLDFitness

The Holiday Challenge

The festive break is fast approaching which brings along a whole host of challenges for us all. Have a look at a few ideas of how to reduce the stress and panic that comes along with our days off.

  • Training
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet

Training: Plan, Plan, Plan !

The festive period is normally when everyone tries to catch up and see their friends and family in a short period of time. This can throw your training plan out the window but you don’t need to let this happen. We have the same number of hours in the day and we manage to fit our training in around our work lives, so this is easily achievable with our social lives at Christmas. Set aside five or ten minutes to have a look at your calendar and block out one hour a day for you. Make sure you take this time each day to go for a walk and get fresh air or do a workout from an app of your favourite trainer. There are a lot of apps offering 7 day free trials which are great to try whilst gyms are closed or if you prefer to stay in.

Lifestyle: Enjoy the time-off !

For many this time of year is when they get a few days off to rest, relax and reset. Take the time to do exactly that and give yourself time to recharge the batteries and pamper yourself. I am someone who learnt through lockdown the importance of self care and how beneficial it is. I took the time to implement a routine that not only benefits me now but will in the long term. Its nothing special I make sure that I follow a skin care routine morning and evening and once a week take the time to have a face mask. There have been many times Shaun has come home to find me sat in my Normatec boots with a face mask on and had a good giggle. Foam rollers and massage guns are a great items of recovery equipment to have and are inexpensive. You can make use of these when you are sat watching Christmas films relaxing with the family.

Diet: Indulge if you want but be prepared !

Around the holidays there are normally more social gatherings and the majority include food and drink. This is where you can get caught out if you are someone who is tracking calories and working towards a weight loss goal. Just because there are more situations where food is going to be available you do not need to exclude yourself from these events. Make sure like your training you are prepared, if it is a preset menu have a look at the options and go for the higher protein lower fat options and try and choose items that fit in with your nutritional goals. This time of year is not about saying no to the treats and enjoying yourselves it is about relaxing and allowing yourself to let go. Try to remember though to not let that treat day roll into many days or the whole festive period as it will take a lot more work to get back to where you were, trust me I have been there. This year I set myself a goal to hit before the end of the year and I will enjoy Christmas Day and the few treats here and there but I will not sacrifice all the hard work from this last year to meet my end of year goal.

Let me know in the comments below how you adapt your training and eating over the holiday period along with tips and tricks that you have learnt that help you.

10th December 2021
by TLDFitness

Finding your motivation…

Motivation has been one of those words thrown around all over the place this last year I think more than we realise, whether you are looking for it or have it in abundance.

What does it mean to you and how do you maintain it ?

Motivation to me is wanting to work towards goals you have set yourself that have an outcome you desire. I have learnt over the years especially through work about making sure that the goals I set are both short and long term. This will vary from short term goals over a three month period to long term goals that are the next three to five years, which will seem daunting to some. The key thing to think about when making these goals is that you follow the SMART principle for each goal.






For each of the goals I set myself I make sure that I work with the SMART principle and after time it becomes part of your routine. It is important not to overload yourself with lots of goals as it becomes more challenging to stick to any of them as you are spreading yourself too thin. Below are examples of large goals I set myself for 2021 & 2022 which will all have different end dates, some of which will also continue and develop into new goals.

  • Complete an Ironman
  • Achieve weight loss figure I have set myself
  • Develop my business by completing a course

Each of these big goals that I set myself will all be made up of smaller goals to achieve the overall challenge. This all then links back into motivation. In order for me to achieve the outcome that I desire I am going to have to work my arse off and try and maintain focus which is challenging. We are human and make mistakes, there are times where I am too tired to train or have had a blow out with food and regretted it after. It is how we deal with our setbacks and get back on track. Motivation is not there all the time and we have to work hard to remain focused. I am a keen believer of using incentives and this has helped me massively over the last year to get to where I am today. At the start of 2021 I wrote myself a list of what “rewards” I would get when working on my weight-loss goal. My partner agreed to support me and reward me when I hit my mini goals along the way however if I slipped off track and had a weight gain then I had to pay him a small fine. Some may not agree with this but it works for me and sadly my partners bank account has been suffering this year.

Motivation is not something you find or is readily available, it is something I believe that you have to work hard for and create yourself. Sit down write out what goals you have and set out a plan on how you are going to achieve them. Each time you get a step closer to these goals you will see the motivation increase and help you to remain focused.

Let me know what helps to motivate you and what your views of motivation are below in the comments.

4th August 2016
by TLDFitness

Stubborn & Determined

When I said I wanted to do a half ironman in 2015 some people thought I was crazy and that I was taking on too much, cue a few annoying traits Stubborn and Determined. 🙂

I am someone that likes to prove others expectations of me wrong, which can work in both a positive and negative way. With triathlons this has resulted in me always pushing the bar higher for my next challenge and I may well have set my limit this year with Weymouth Ironman.

With me being stubborn I have turned down the opportunities to transfer my event or downsize it, as people have suggested these options out of concern. Personally I can’t do that as I see it as a failure on my part, I know that friends and family will say it is not failure and I can achieve it at a later date but its not an option in my mind. This is where my determination kicks in, I will push and train myself as much as I can to get through the event. I am not being stupid as I have been previously with shorter distance events through overtraining and this leading to injury. I have learnt when my body is tired and says no to ease back or take time out to rest and recover.

People have called me crazy, stupid and told me they couldn’t do this. I accept the first two comments quite easily as I have been called them numerous times and now it doesn’t affect me in the ways it used to. Don’t get me wrong I do take comments to heart but I have learnt to not let everything upset or hurt me in ways it used to. With the second comment of people saying they couldn’t do this I don’t agree (cue stubbornness) 🙂 I have come to learn through triathlon events and the training that it is an amazing sport and a supportive community. I love doing the events (not always after) but have learnt in the last few years that people seeing me doing the events has shown and motivated them to take part. I have and always will be a curvy girl and accept that. Through looking at lifestyle and training I have seen myself change and try to use this to help others that have approached me and expressed interest in starting triathlons. This all came together earlier this year when our developing club took part in its first triathlon !

I think what really drives me to do these events and pursue other opportunities within the sport is the ability to motivate others and because I am determined to prove I can do this. I do have dreams within the sport and know people will pass judgement but I will deal with that and share them next time.

Happy training x

24th April 2015
by TLDFitness

Beast, Rest, Repeat

Beast, Rest, Repeat you read and think what?

The simple answer is HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.

What is HIIT ?

HIIT is exercising for short bursts of time and working as hard as you can followed by recovery and repeating the process for up to 20 minutes. The amount of time that you work and rest for is varied and depends on fitness levels and the exercise you are performing. At the moment I have been doing 30 seconds running and 30 seconds recovery on the treadmill but have now got to a point where my fitness has improved and I have felt I could work harder and I need to increase the intensity.

Why does HIIT work for weight loss?

The simple answer is that you continue to burn calories at rest for hours once you have finished training. This is due to your resting metabolic rate being raised and EPOC occuring (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

It is one of my favourite and most hated ways of training. I love the results it has helped me achieve but at the same time I do dread the thought of some of the sessions I have planned. I like to mix up my sessions whether it is an equipment based session or a body weight session they both help to achieve the results I want, strength and weight loss.

How often should I do HIIT sessions ?

Personally I try to do 2-3 HIIT sessions a week but no more than that as they are high intensity and your body needs time to recover.  If you over do these types of sessions you are making yourself susceptible to injury and over training.

Look at incorporating a HIIT session into your weekly routine and see the benefits that it will bring to you.


6th October 2014
by TLDFitness


Yesterday I took part in my first 10k run and after being apprehensive about the whole idea I loved it, and am already looking at building to a half marathon next year.

Running is a word that as soon as you mention it you get two types of responses. Either the person is not too fussed about running or fear and nerves. I have always been the latter person; I am not fast and in my head look like a wobbling mess of jelly 🙂 . Over time and through my love of sport and exercise I have just got on with it. People, who know me, know I enjoy triathlons and I can’t get to the running stage and just stop because I don’t like running as I would look silly, so you just deal with it and get on with it.

The best thing about running is that it is a sport that is accessible to everyone and it does not matter how big you are or how unfit you are you can take part. I’m not suggesting that someone with high blood pressure and a knee replacement go and run a marathon you start off gently and build up your fitness to get to jogging. I started off with 2.5km in triathlons and have now progressed to a 10km in my Olympic distance I did in the summer.

It is an exercise that is free to do, there is no gym membership needed just a pair of trainers and a safe route to run. Once you get hooked to it and trust me you will, you can then start to invest in your shoes and running equipment. The first run you go out on will feel like hard work, you will sweat, be out of breath and probably think why did I even contemplate this? However once you have completed the route you will have a feeling of accomplishment and realise how great you feel.

I would suggest if you are not a regular runner that you ease yourself into running gently. Start with a short route and go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Try to remember to have a drink with you and also a phone if you are running alone. Once you have done the route a few times slowly start increasing the distance to challenge yourself. After each run take time to stretch off and rehydrate to prevent any injuries and dehydration.

Once you feel ready enter a local event and set yourself a goal time, then start practicing to get a pb.

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